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Welcome to Advance Laptop Repairing Institute.

Advance Laptop Repairing Institute in Delhi is the best service providers for advanced training of various electronic devices like Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Printers, CCTV, LED Smart TV, Laptop or Computer Chip Level and AC Repair or Installation Course. In our advanced laptop & desktop repairing program, we provide complete motherboards training for chip level repairing with live practicals. We provide 100% job and business-oriented training to our students. We also provide service center training because, during service center training, students get the opportunity to see the actual solution & repair. This is also important because service center training boosts the confidence of students and it helps the students to face the job interview. Even students can start their own business repairing just after finishing the course. Our facility helps students to improve their technical skills in the real-time work environment. We have the aim to provide high quality and job-oriented learning skills in the field of technical courses. We have well-equipped labs & service center and this is an extra advantage for our students. If you are looking to join the Laptop Repair Course in Delhi then don’t get tensed. Contact us now and join our chip level repairing programe. Get advanced laptop and computer repairing tips with India's No.1 training institute.

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Courses offered by Advance Institute.

best Laptop repairing course in delhi

Computer & Laptop Repair Course

Join our Computer and Laptop Repairing Course in Delhi. Learn about chip level & card level repairing, computer assembly, advanced troubleshooting. Get the best solution of all major or minor problems with the advanced learning. Get 100% live and practical training.

Best laptop repair training institute in delhi

Advance Laptop Chip Level Repair Course

We are the Best Chip Level Laptop Repairing Institute in Delhi & provide training with all the latest tools and equipment on advanced laptops motherboard, followed by basic electronics, chip level practical, software, hardware, tracing, and service center classes.

mobile repairing training

Smartphone Mobile Repair Course

We offer smartphones and mobiles repair course with the latest tools & special tips or tricks for broken or water harm mobiles. we start with basic practical learning and complete with free service center classes & work support. Get trained with indi's best teachers and professors.

cctv camera repairing and installation training

CCTV Camera Repair and Installation Course.

CCTV camera training is a new technical course in the market, learn CCTV Camera repair & installation preparing from AILT & turn into a specialist of CCTV & DVR installation.

printer repair training

Printer Repair Course

We are a famous name for printer repair course & make our understudy master in it. we have the latest tools & machines & provide practical skill for all types of printers with the team of expert master.

lcd led tv repairing training

LCD / LED Smart TV Repair Course

In LCD LED TV repairing training, you will learn about the liquid crystal display Driver Board, motherboard's testing & understanding of BGA, DC machine & other tools.

Laptop Repairing Training | Advance Institute.

Reason to Choose Advance Institute for Chip Level Training.

  • Advance Technologies :- The whole world is instantly changing into the technical world & Advance Institute also involve you in this technical world. A Desktop and Laptop Repairing Institute is one of the best ways that has turned out to be impressively critical in the present situation of extending technical work. With the developing number of associations, the need for a laptop's expert is becoming impressively higher by every last day. if you want to become a professional expert in technical field then AILT, is the place where you enroll to get from the basic level training to advanced level training with full practical knowledge.
  • World Quality Training :- We know that laptop repairing training needs more practical education besides intellectual awareness. our learners learn about the complete course by hands-on practical skill. We give the learners with the certification of the end of the course only later they confirm their abilities in repairing a damaged laptop. We give both short term and excellent chip level laptop servicing courses. There are basically two levels in the Laptop Repair Course. The first is the Chip Level level and the Second one is Card Level. In our laptop course, 90% part is based on practical because we know that practice makes man perfect and only 10% part is only theory based.
  • Business Support :- Advance Institute provides full support for job placement and work startup with the market awareness of spares parts of laptops and desktop. In AILT, Learners are given with the special Service Center Classes in which they know about how to help to increase their work at the low level of investment. With our Franchise help at your location, a student can also start up their own work
    The work in this field has seen a present development and this course has helped both fresher and skilled people to improve their occupation without any special qualification. The person who has only 10th pass can also join this laptop and computer repairing course.
  • Best & Supported Faculty :- We have a team of well educated & professional faculty, who have depth in knowledge & lots of experience in repairing field. Our Experts are always ready to provide advanced training for chip level related to hardware or software issues. All our staffs are very cooperative for students, students also feel free to ask any question of any module.

NOTE :- Hostel are available to all students.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is this Laptop and Computer Repairing Institute in Delhi provides practical training?

Yes, we provide practical live training for the laptop Card & Chip level repairing course.

Is Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course make career safe?

Yes, after the chip level course, you should do part or full-time jobs or start your service center. this course gives a flexible shape to your career.

Who can join the Chip Level Laptop Course?

Anyone can join this a fresher, graduate, undergraduate, 10th pass or professional. there is no need for any qualification.

Is this course provide job assistance?

Yes, this course provides you reputed jobs in the MNCs Companies. Our student's success rate tells our quality.

Do you give any technical support after completing the course?

Yes, we provide you lifetime technical support and after completion of the course, you have any doubt then you can join again without any extra charge.

What is the Course Duration?

The Institute provides three modes of course duration in Laptop Repairing Course. first is 3 months, taking 2 hour class per day. Second is 1 month, taking 4 hour class per day. And the third is 10-15 days, taking a full day class.

What is the fee structure of the course?

We provide laptop repairing training at reasonable and affordable price. you can use any mode of payment using a debit card, atm, payumoney, paytm, and cash. you can also easily pay the fee in two installments.

Is the Institute provide experienced faculty?

Yes, we are a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty or trainers who have lots of experience in the subject.

What will the institute provide after the course?

After the successful completion of the laptop repairing course or other courses, we provide an ISO Certificate and free tool kit and repairing software. we also provide spares or parts support to all students.

Know more about the Advance Institute of Latest Technologies.


Advance Institute of the Latest technologies is an ISO-9001-2008 Certified Institute & get 4.9 rating to deliver advanced training for various IT courses in India with more practical way. we have quite 40+ centers in India and trained quite 2500 students who are successfully doing a well-known job in different service centers or have open their own work. We've got a leading Training Institute to give a chance to each student to satisfy their dream & create their career in technical IT trade. In this way, do not sit around in a lazy way, take select your move to Computer & Laptop Chip Level Repairing Training Institute in Delhi because the students who are passing the 10th or 12th can also join us & turn into a specialist.

  • Get completely Training on a live motherboard.
  • Aware of different Mechanical devices, used in motherboard testing like BGA Machine, CRO machine
  • Tracing Classes with making familiar with new ideas or practices
  • Free service center classes.
  • India's No.1 teachers having over 10 years Experience
  • Best Classes with completely prepared Labs and practical rooms
  • Preparing with different Circuit Diagrams
  • 100% of lifetime students support
  • Aware of the new topic and techniques flowing in the current market of repairing.
  • Module Wise, Quality Based Training of different Course.
  • Give Free Software CD or DVD and Tool unit to Each Students.
  • Give Online help and Lifetime back up help.
  • Occupation Placement and Franchise Offer.
  • Refreshed Course Structure.
  • Reasonable Batch Timing.
  • Different Course Mode like Fast track, Crash, Weekend or Regular.
  • Free Trial Classes for 2 Days.
  • Low-priced Fee for all Courses.
  • Multi-year Experience.
  • Give an ISO Certificate after the course.
  • Traps and Tips get on Mobile and E-Mail
  • 100% Business Support.
  • Online Classes through video calling.
  • Time to Time refresh all understudies with every latest procedure.
  • Appropriate Batch Strength up to 4-5 understudies.
  • Lifetime membership with Institute.

Syllabus of Laptop Repair Course Module 1 (Card Level)

  • Basic fundamentals of Laptop Card Level : 1. Computer and Laptop Differences, 2. Assembling and de-assembling of different models of laptop by use of laptop opening tools, 3. Block diagram of laptop functioning, 4. Formatting and Partition.
  • Installation of Windows & driver : 1. Installing windows, 2. Online Driver Installation and use of automated driver installation software, 3. Offline Driver Installation, 4. Driver Backup and Restore, 5. Windows Backup & Restore by use of inherent windows function and use of specialized backup tools.
  • Install Application software in laptop : 1. Partition Magic, 2. Data Recovery, 3. Bootable USB maker, 4. ERD commander, 5. Installation and Removel of Antivirus, 6. Accronic, Password Breaker software
  • Identification of laptop part : 1. Adapters: Types, work, volt, Ampere, pin detail, Basic problem. 2. Battery: Types of Battery, work, volt, pin detail, Basic problem. 3. LCD: Types LCD, Company, size, Wideness. 4. Inverter: types of Inverter, pin detail. 5. Hard disk:- Type of Hard disk, Company. 6. Keyboard: Type of keyboard, Basic problem. 7. Body: Hinges size, Front Panel, back Panel. 9. Motherboard:- Type of Motherboard, company, Identify. 10. Ram: Types of RAM, Company , pin detail, volt. 11. CPU: Types of Laptop CPU, Identify. 12. CD/DVD: Type, company, Basic problem. 13. Troubleshooting of all laptop parts problem and its solution step wise
  • Tracing & Fixing in Laptop : 1. Block Diagram of different laptop motherboard.Complete description of laptop block diagram 2. Identification of IC’s and IC’s name. 3. Laptop Dead problem solution by step by step approach 4. Laptop overheating and shutdown problem. 5. Adaptor not working and not charging problem. 6. Battery not charging problem. 7. Webcam problem. 8. USB not work problem. 9. Touch pad left and right button not work. 10.Touch pad hang problem. 11. Some key not work of keyboard. 12. Hard disk detection problem. 13. External sound not come problem. 14. Bluetooth not work problem. 15. One USB port not work problem. 16. DVD writer Data read problem. 17. Dim display problem. 18. Lan problem. 19. Different Laptop Bios setting concept. 20. Laptop Password removing (admin and c-mos setup) methods. 21. Different Laptop Bios setting practice. 22. Shortcut methods of Diagnosis. 23. Replace Battery cells inside laptop battery. 24. Bypass Windows 7 logon password in 3 Steps. 25. Basic Cleaning and washing method of Motherboard.

Module 2 (Chip Level)

  • Basic Electronics: 1. Analog Electronics : AC / DC Fundamentals, Introduction of Electricity ( Volt, Current, watt, Ampere), PCB Circuit, Type of PCB Circuit, Identification & Testing of electronic components, Resistors, Capacitors, Diode, Inductors & Fuse working and measurement, Transistors & Transformer working and testing, Mosfet & IC’s. Checking of MOSFET : DUT Test, 2. Digital Electronics : Types of Number, System, Binary, Octal, Hexa Conversion of Number Systems Types of Gate, AND or NOT NOR etc. Removing & Fixing of Components & Chips with Micro Iron and Bga Machine.
  • Use of Advance Repairing Tools : CRO Machine & BGA Machine, Universal Bios Programmer, SMD Component Tester, Digital Multimeter, Advance Magnetic Screw Driver kit, Desktop Diagnostic Card & Laptop Diagnostic Card, CPU Socket Tester, Laptop Screen Tester, Laptop Ram Programmer, Reballing Oven, Laptop Motherboard frequency tester, Laptop Battery Tester, Laptop Motherboard shorting checking through DC power Supply
  • Component & IC’s tracing or replacing : Identify each component & IC’s in Laptop motherboard, Damaged and ok component Testing practice, Component checking by analog and digital multi-meter, Component checking by Digital CRO
  • Soldering & Desolodring of Component & IC’s : Removing & Inserting SMD Components, Removing & Inserting Connector, Socket, Chip Practice.( Using Solder IRON, SMD Machine, IRDA Machine, BGA Machine)
  • Tracing Different Section of Motherboards : 1st Power stage primary 5v, 3v (Always On), 2nd power stage secondary 2.5v 1.5v 1.8v, 3rd power stage VRM CPU CORE 1.3v, Dc to Dc conversion Section, Power turning on Sequence like S5, S4,S3, So stage, CPU Core voltage generator section, Stand by voltage generator section, Chip set voltage generator section, Battery charging/Discharging section, Ram voltage generator section, Clock generator section, Bios chips section, Types of BIOS
  • Laptop chip Level Fault & Trouble shooting : 1. Laptop M/B DC to DC Conversion Voltage Generation Problems, main Power Supply short Problems, Diagnosis, isolation and solution. 2. Laptop M/B Diagnosing, isolating problem between power and other sections, diagnosing the problem in systematic way . 3. Diagnosing and solving the critical problems of laptop like hanging, Battery not charging, USB not detecting, K/B not detecting, AC Adapter not detecting and all other working problems of the Laptops. 4. Laptop Dim display problem : Isolating the problem between screen, inverter board and the main M/B. 5. Laptop internal and external display Problem, differences and its fault finding. 6. Laptop K/B problem, isolating the problem between K/B and M/B. finding the solution for it or keyboard connector pin details. 7. Laptop USB Device not working problem, isolating the problem between power section and data section and its solution or pin details. 8. Laptop drives (HDD/DVD) not detecting problems and drives pin details in the M/B’s, checking points and solution. 9. Laptop Network port problem, isolating the problem between port and network IC. Its pin details and solution. 10. Laptop display screen working technology, isolating the problem between screens, cable, M/B. further isolating the problem between power and logic section in the M/B. 11. Understanding of stand by voltages and its requirement in the laptop M/B. 12. BIOS up gradation using different methods. 13. Laptop password Break of different method, its storage and removal steps. 14. Laptop adapter working technology and its fault finding. 15. Laptop Battery Refurbishing technology.Also the technology of changing firmware in laptop battery 16. Laptop sound problem. Isolating the problem between sound jeck, sound Ic, component and its fault finding. 17. Touch pad not work problem. Isolating the problem between Touchpad, cable, I/O, SMD component and its solution or pin detail. 18. Camera not open problem. Isolating the problem between cameras, cable, IC’s and its fault finding or pin detail. 19. Usage of Digital and analog CRO and its importance in fault finding.

Who Can Join Us?


A fresher, who has no experience or knowledge about repairing, can join our all courses like laptop, mobile, CCTV camera, LCD LED TV and DSLR Camera because we start from basic fundament training and after that go to high-level repairing.

Working Person

A person who has knowledge but wants to increase their repairing technics at an advanced level or startup their own work can join our all advanced or basic level course where provide complete training of advanced repairing.

Job Seekers.

A person who is searching for a job can join Advance Institute of Latest Technologies at your near location because we provide job placement support after the completion of the training, we placed our students at the various service center or MNCs.

What our Student says:

Placed in HCL Company.

"I am Rohit, I have done Laptop and mobile Chip level and card level Courses from Advance. The good thing is that they tought with fully practical. Anyone can easily learn from their and make their future bright."

Service Center Owner.

Sivarama Reddy - "AILT is the best training Institute , faculty and labs are so good and provide advanced level training. After joining, Advance Institute, anyone can easily learn repairing. This Institute provides me right direction. Thanks"

Business Owner.

Rajesh Gupta - "Previous year, I do all course from Advance institute like Mobile, Laptop, LED TV Repairing. Now I am a shop owner and this institute really help me to establish my work. I will suggest to all who want to learn these courses, join Advance Institute."