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best training institute for CCTV Camera repairing Training in delhi

Best CCTV Camera Repairing Training Institute in Delhi

Get practical training for CCTV Camera Repairing Course in Delhi, Enroll in the top and the best CCTV Repairing Training Institute in Delhi because it very important to understand the techniques related to various CCTV Camera because now a days people become more aware and CCTV camera use everywhere like school, office, Road, railway station and also home. So there is a huge demand of CCTV camera technicians. A deep knowledge is required to diagnose core problems occurs in various CCTV cameras.

Today, CCTV Cameras are not limited to just a gadget, but there is a means to catch the criminals. Any loss of data for users can be extremely problematic, CCTV Camera technician services help to stop major crime, which is valuable to users. The limitations of CCTV repair see a growing trend. This creates a career path. Demands of well-trained individuals who can detect and fix the problem, with such high demand and CCTV Camera repairs, companies are always out for institutions providing high quality students, practical and job-oriented training courses.

Why should join Advance Institute for CCTV Camera Repairing Course?

AILT Started a program to provide the best training for CCTV camera repairing and installation to their students, after the course we also provide special service center classes. The CCTV Camera Course has many advantages. Knowledge of the technique used to repair the CCTV Camera of various brands can be useful. CCTV Camera repair courses are efficient use of time because it is a short term course, a student can learn to repair a widely used camera within 1 month. After the Course students start their business or part time job.

Course Methodology for CCTV Repairing Course:

In our CCTV Camera repairing course, we cover all smart tv and provide training at software and hardware repairing. we also provide installation training with the new technics and methodology of repairing.
Advance Institute gives realistic based training for CCTV camera course. In our CCTV training institute, learners get 100% practical for camera installation and CCTV camera networking. We provide practice for CCTV camera-related errors and resolutions also in this course. Y'all can enroll with us for your brilliant profession in Electronic Surveillance and Electronic Security Field.

Experienced Faculty and Certificate:

Advance Institute has India's most experienced and qualified faculty or staff who provide advanced skill with 100% practical learning. After the course, we provide an ISO certified certificate and free software.

Syllabus for CCTV Camera Training:

  • Basic concept of CCTV camera &its work , types of devices used for cctv installation work
  • Digital & Analog Technologies in CCTV Camera, types of Camera according to design, specification and features.
  • Camera Angle, Distance, Width, & Degree selection and create a CCTV Cable for connection
  • Types of connectors for cctv camera installation work.
  • Physical connection of storage device in DVR and CCTV Camera Installation with DVR
  • Create Network Cable (cat5, Cat6) with RJ45 connector for IP Camera installation.
  • Process of IP Camera installation with NVR.
  • How to connect mic and speaker with CCTV camera
  • Assembling and disassembling of different types CCTV Camera
  • Different faults of cctv camera and and solutions
  • Practical of CCD camera ( Two way communication camera)
  • Cable connection and Socket knowledge of CCD camera
  • Lens, Difference between Manual Iris Lens & Auto Iris Lens, fix lenses and vari focal lenses
  • Lighting concept in CCTV camera installation work, Infrared and its Explanation according to distance
  • types of power supply used in CCTV installation work and Various voltage of camera, DVR and NVR – 24 V, 12 V, 19 V
  • Individual Plugin and common SMPS and Selection of the power supply according to project
  • Transmission Media, Types of cable used for CCTV Cable
  • Use of RCA, HDMI, RG6, RG11, RG58, Coax, Cat6, cat5 Cable
  • switcher, types of the switcher, connect Switcher with CCTV Camera, Use of switcher
  • Types of storage device, Physical connection of storage device, Recording types of CCTV camera for storage
  • Complete knowledge of software for storage device management
  • DVR and NVR, differnce, their types, and all ports of DVR and NVR
  • Practical on different types of DVR application Software
  • Networking concept
  • Concept of Network Cable Color Coding for connection
  • LAN & WAN Network Setup Configuration
  • Routers and Modem, Control Panel of Routers
  • Take camera online on smartphone and Laptops, reminder mail of camera error, Practice on Android-based application for DVR & NVR to view camera online
  • Projects Legal Concept, Projects Analysis and quotation

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Branch Locations

Course Duration

According to student's requirements, we arrange various course duration or mode.

  • 60 Days : Regular Classes
  • 25 days : Fasttrack Course
  • 7-10 Days : Crash Course.

What our Student says:

Placed in HCL Company.

"I am Rohit, I have done Laptop and mobile Chip level and card level Courses from Advance. The good thing is that they tought with fully practical. Anyone can easily learn from their and make their future bright."

Rohit Mahera

Service Center Owner.

"AILT is the best training Institute , faculty and labs are so good and provide advanced level training. After joining, Advance Institute, anyone can easily learn repairing. This Institute provides me right direction. Thanks"

Sivarama reddy

Shop Owner.

"Previous year, I do all course from Advance institute like Mobile, Laptop, LED TV Repairing. Now I am a shop owner and this institute really help me to establish my work. I will suggest to all who want to learn these courses, join Advance Institute."

Rajesh Gupta