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Best Training Institute for LCD LED TV Repairing Course

LCD LED TV Repairing Course in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Join our LCD LED TV Repairing Course in Ludhiana because productions are developing as the city seems to expand geographically. This is radically due to the growing number of transients moving in this place. With the increase in people, the business in Ludhiana is also expanding. This is the reason that Advance Institute offers a professional and advanced LED LCD TV Repairing course in Ludhiana. The courses are short-term courses with affordable fees. We provide the all LCD LED TV Repairing Training in Ludhiana with the advanced instruments and facilities. Not only subjective fields are produced excellent, but the learner is also assigned to operate on the required functional machines so that he can sharpen his professions effectively. Scholars from any knowledge can easily join LED LCD TV field and learn LED LCD TV repairing and training. Advance Institute in Ludhiana promises its pupils of quality training.

Benefits to join Advance Institute for LCD LED TV Repair Classes in Ludhiana.

Advance Institute has offered a short-term programme in LED LCD TV Repairing Institute in Ludhiana. students can develop a powerful and flourishing career in Smart TV repairing as Smart TV industry has so much to offer students. Avail the possibility, be a part of AILT LCD LED TV Repairing Training Institute in Ludhiana.

Course Syllabus:

  • Recognizing and explaining the fundamental block diagram of LCD/LED television
  • Liquid crystal diode (LCD) and Light-emitting diode (LED) displays
  • Knowledge of power supply and inventor board
  • Understanding and functioning of the main processing board
  • Understanding and functioning of the controller
  • Understanding and functioning of an LCD driver unit
  • Understanding and functioning of Standby Circuit
  • Introduction to LCD/LED technology
  • Comparison between the CRT technology, LCD technology, and LED technology
  • Advantages and disadvantages of these modern technologies
  • Various modern system advantages
  • Color quality, Working on smart apps, Storage details
  • Understanding, functioning, programming and updating flash ROM
  • HDMI data system
  • Tools, tricks, and equipment required in LCD/LED repair

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What we Provide?

  • Standard program with an added advantage.
  • Have a skillful engineering degree.
  • Experience faculty and 100% employment.
  • Specialist Technical Back-up Support.
  • First Take Demo Class.
  • Make Independent Business – Open Repair Workshops and Institutes.
  • Lear, secure and develop an extra income.
  • Well-Equipped Labs.
  • Troubleshooting Classes.
  • Free Service Center Classes.
  • Excellent Flexible Batch with 4-5 students.
  • 100% Lifetime Technical Support.

Syllabus for Led LCD TV Repair Course.

  • INTRODUCTION : What is LCD & LED TV?, Types of LCD & LED TV, Various sizes of LCD and LED TV and its difference, What is the difference between LCD & LED TV?, How TV works?
  • LCD TV PARTS IDENTIFICATION : LCD TV disassembling and assembling practical, LCD TV various parts identification, LCD screen , Power supply board –SMPS, CCFL Backlight inverter board, T-con board, MOTHERBOARD, Speakers, Power switch and other switch board
  • BASIC ELECTRONICS : what is difference between electrical and electronics, What is current and volt?, What is difference between AC and DC? AC current/volt, DC current /volt , Difference between normal electronics and SMT electronics, What is multimeter? How use multimeter?, RESISTOR, CAPACITOR, INDUCTOR AND TRANSFORMER, DIODE, TRANSISTOR
  • LED TV PARTS IDENTIFICATION : LED TV disassembling and assembling practical, LED TV various parts identification, LED light string replace method, LCD screen , Power supply board –SMPS, LED Backlight DRIVER board, Backlight LED string, T-con board, MOTHERBOARD, Speakers, Power switch and other switch board
  • LCD & LED TV SMPS : SMPS power supply board, What is SMPS?, Various types of LCD –LED TV smps power supply, Smps functional block diagram, External AC-DC Adapter circuit diagram and its troubleshooting tips,
  • SMPS SECTION : LCD TV SMPS complete circuit diagram explanation/tracing and fault finding with troubleshooting tips, SMPS Primary rectifier circuit tracing and fault finding, SMPS Secondary rectifier circuit tracing and fault finding, STR type SMPS and PWM type SMPS difference and explain SMPS troubleshooting tips, Power Fail for LCD TV or LED TV [TV Dead condition], LCD TV stand by light not ON, SMPS Standby LED Blinking, SMPS Standby LED ON then OFF.
  • LCD –LED TV MOTHERBOARD : What is LCD TV Motherboard? and its various Brands of motherboard, parts identification [Samsung/LG/sony/Panasonic etc.], LCD TV Motherboard Functional Block diagram explain, LCD TV motherboard IC’s List, Power supply ic’s, Stand by LDO regulator ic [5V to 3V], Tuner DC-DC controller ic, DDR RAM LDO Regulator, MAIN CPU [MCU+SCALER+VIDEO PROCESSOR], ROM IC, DDR RAM IC, AUDIO AMPLIFIER IC, HDMI CONTROLLER IC.
  • MOTHERBOARD SECTION-1 : Motherboard IC’s datasheet download and explain, How to trace motherboard tuner circuit problem with troubleshooting tips.
  • MOTHERBOARD SECTION-2 : How to check motherboard standby regulator circuit with troubleshooting tips, how to check and tracing memory and audio regulator circuit with troubleshooting tips.
  • MOTHERBOARD SECTION-3 : How check and tracing LCD screen power supply circuit with troubleshooting tips.
  • LCD SCREEN SECTION PROBLEMS : Vertical lines, Horizantal lines, poor LCD Images, How check LCD screen panel through -LVDS TESTER, LCD Screen Datasheet explain.
  • LCD TV MOTHERBOARD ROM FLASHING : No display problem for LCD-LED TV, When switch ON TV –but TV company logo still shows[Samsung/LG or sony], LCD Tv Setting menu problems, LCD Tv standby LED ON, but motherboard image are not processing, LCD Screen resolution problem, LCD screen Ghost image problem, LCD Screen double image problem, Unknown faults, How flashing ROM chip through ROM PROGRAMMER

What our Student says:

Placed in HCL Company.

"I am Rohit, I have done Laptop and mobile Chip level and card level Courses from Advance. The good thing is that they tought with fully practical. Anyone can easily learn from their and make their future bright."

Rohit Mahera

Service Center Owner.

"AILT is the best training Institute , faculty and labs are so good and provide advanced level training. After joining, Advance Institute, anyone can easily learn repairing. This Institute provides me right direction. Thanks"

Sivarama reddy

Shop Owner.

"Previous year, I do all course from Advance institute like Mobile, Laptop, LED TV Repairing. Now I am a shop owner and this institute really help me to establish my work. I will suggest to all who want to learn these courses, join Advance Institute."

Rajesh Gupta